The story of my 1929 Ford Model A Fordor

As my grandson says, “Papa Don always has a story.” I was asked about the history of my 1929 Model A and realized the history of my Model A is also a history of my family. My great uncle, Henry Endebrock bought the Model A Fordor new in 1929. He was a farmer and when all of the kids were grown he finally moved to town. At that point the car was only driven on Sundays to church until he sold it to my father, William Wilburn Endebrock in 1959. So at 16 years old the Model A became my daily driver throughout high school until I graduated in 1961. The Model A has been in the Endebrock family for 93 years.

Dad had always wanted a blue car, so the A was painted dark blue and mom sewed seat covers out of Naugahyde. Not exactly model a specs, but I loved that car and went everywhere in it. The emergency brake was my best friend. I am sure that I changed the oil, etc on the car, but I really don’t remember ever working on it. I just got into the driver’s seat, cranked it up and went where ever I wanted to go. Never even thought about it leaving me stranded. It is funny when I go to high school reunions and my classmates don’t remember me, but they remember the fun we had in that car.

After I graduated high school and went off to slay dragons, the car sat in the barn in Hamilton, Texas until my dad passed away. Then it came to me. A complete body off restoration was done between 1996 and 2000 putting the car back to its original glory.

I never really planned to show my car, I just wanted a car that I could drive around and be proud of. But plans always change and in 2008 at the 3rd MARC/MAFCA World Model A Ford Meet in Dallas, Texas I entered my car in Fine Point Judging. My car received 360 points (of 500) in Fine Point Judging to give me a 2nd Place Trophy. Keep in mind that was 8 years after the restoration was completed. The car has won other trophies, but this is the one that means the most to me because of the strict judging standards. But I like the other 19+ trophies too. And I was very pleased this past Saturday to be selected for the President's Award from the Conroe Cruisers.

I know that many people change things on their cars to make them more user friendly and I guess it makes sense. But, I prefer to leave my car as close to original as possible. I did add an outside mirror on the right side and an agate gear shift knob. I don’t think that changed the car that much.

When I am gone and someone gets the car, I hope they will love it as much as I have over the years. Lots of memories in the past and still making memories today.

Don Endebrock
Rebecca Endebrock